Labour Law Training

Liza  (not her real name) arrived into Malaysia via social visit in 2013. She paid the 1st Agent RM3000 for a promise to get a valid work permit. The 1st agent took the money but did not get the job done. The 2nd agent also promised to get a work permit for RM3000. The 2nd agent gave Lisa a dependant visa. (Dependant visa is usually given to a spouse of an expatriate visa (i.e professional visa).


Meanwhile Liza befriended Arwind (not his real name) and both are now engaged to be married. They come from the same district in India. Both Liza and Arwind’s families are not aware of their relationship. On 2nd May 2015, Liza made arrangements to return to her home country to attend her sister’s wedding. While exiting the country, Liza was arrested by Immigration for overstaying and holding fake documents. It was only then that she realized that her visa was a fake document. Arwind now realises that his documents too may be fake as both of them sought the same agent to get their documents done.

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