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nsi-extremesmalllogoNorth South Initiative (NSI) is a Youth-Adult Partnership(YAP) modeled initiative based in Malaysia to help build synergy between the North and South in addressing human rights, social justice and development issues. In the era of globalization, bridging the gap between the North and South requires a more holistic approach between the North- South and South-South peoples. Our main mission is the empowerment of marginalized groups i.e. the Indigenous Peoples, Minority Students, West Papuan/Patani Youth, Migrant Workers, Refugees, Small Farmers Networks, Interfaith/Interfaith Actors, and other disenfranchised minorities who need solidarity. We believe in the empowerment of the marginalized/disenfranchised as when given the strategic tools and analytical frameworks, they can bring about positive change in society.

Organizational Portfolio


Our Vision:  To Build A Society That Prioritizes Social Justice


Our Mission: To Empower Marginalized Communities with Strategic Tools For Emancipation


Our Goal: 

  • To Analyze the Current Political Economy Model And Propose New Systems Based On Solidarity and Social Justice
  • To Ensure The Marginalized Communities Have Direct Access To Development Planning And Policy Making In Processes Using Rights Based Approach
  • To Build Cross Sector and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Networks and Solidarity For Sustainable Social Justice


Our current programmes are:

  1. Organizing And Empowering Local Farmers With Knowledge On The Impact Of Globalization On Agriculture: Empowering local small-scale farmers to cope with the commoditization of food in the age of large scale agribusiness. We collaborate with Pesticide Action Network (PAN AP) and People’s Service Organization (PSO) for strategic action to help farmers with the analysis of the agricultural system and propose alternatives which are pro-people and pro-environment. We currently use the Community Pesticide Action Monitoring (CPAM) tool which was developed by PAN AP to document hazardous pesticide usage by farmers and the impact on their health and follow up with advocacy with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment.
  2. Capacity Building of Indigenous Youth for Social Action and Environmental Justice: Empowering and building up a movement of indigenous young activist who strive to preserve their cultural rights and identity amidst vast unsustainable and aggressive development and urbanization in Malaysia. We collaborate with the School Of Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly and Treading Humbly (SALT), our indigenous youth partners. Malaysia has lost a huge portion of her natural rain forest due to palm oil plantations, logging, construction of mega dams and other factors which are part of unsustainable development. The indigenous peoples are probably the last people on the planet who fully understand how the ecosystem works and how to conserve the forest.
  3. Strategic Organizing and Protection of Migrant Workers in Malaysia: Malaysia as a destination country has around 2.2 million documented migrant workers and an estimated 4 million undocumented migrant workers. All are highly vulnerable to various human rights abuses including forced labour, trafficking, smuggling, police abuse and many more. In collaboration with the various actors, we aim to build a national coalition of migrant workers for a stronger consolidated effort to improve the rights of migrant workers, in particularly their labor rights, security rights and their socio-cultural rights. Besides policy advocacy in Malaysia, we also do advocacy work at the ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour(AFML), the International Labour Conference(ILC-ILO) and the Global Forum on Migration and Development(GFMD).
  4. Conflict Resolution and Peace Building: As there are forgotten and hidden armed conflict areas in the South East Asia region like West Papua(Indonesia) and Patani(Thai-Malaysia border), it is vital we respond to ensure peace and stability is restored to the region. We provide the grassroots communities and movements of these two areas with a Rights Based framework to conflict resolution and human rights protection. We work closely with friends from the Justice and Peace commissions in West Papua and also various Youth based associations in Patani to ensure the local communities are equipped with the best tools for conflict resolution and peace building. We also take in interns from these areas to ensure they get a comprehensive training and an opportunity to practice what they learn.
  5. The Roots to Fruits Manual and Training on Integrity. “Roots to Fruits”-Promoting integrity in governance, democracy and development is vital to ensure social justice and human rights standards and best practices are promoted and protected in every sector of life. Lack of integrity can cause catastrophe to the economy, tear social fabrics  and prevent inequality from being resolved by keeping the poor from accessing basic services and having their fair share of the economy pie. To help Malaysians understand the values, principles and actions of Integrated Integrity, NSI and our partners Oriental Hearts and Mind Study Institute (OHMSI) are developing an Operational Manual which “socializes” the ideas and principles in the original “ Roots to Fruits” publication by Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) among various stakeholders i.e bureaucrats , business sector, NGOs, local politicians, academicians, youth and local residence. We hope the manual which will be produced using action research methodology will help Malaysians understand integrity in deeper levels and put the values to practice.


Contact persons:

Executive Director: Adrian Pereira [liberationx@gmail.com] +60122900756(hp)


Director of Programmes: Anne Beatrice [ns.initiative@gmail.com] +60142498003(hp)


Address: A-2-7, Pusat Perdagangan Seksyen 8, Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1, Seksyen 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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