Empowered Migrant Community

We provide Migrants & Refugees with the tools they need for development.

Against Human Trafficking & Forced Labour

Our experts on supply chain consultancy have over 20 years of experience on forced labour issues

Forced Labour Audit Assessment

Contact us for one free labour audit assessment session.

Legal Aid Referrals

Our work is in Strategic Litigation

Emergency Shelter

Short term stays, in urgent situations, for male migrants.

Migrant Emergencies

The ResQ Team by North South Initiative (NSI) is well-trained, hands-on and on the ground in emergency situations. Our One-Stop Centre provides Legal and Healthcare referrals, and Emergency Shelter in times of crisis.

Latest News

Goodyear settles labour abuse claims with workers at Malaysian factory

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has reached an agreement to settle a labour dispute at its Malaysian factory with migrant workers who alleged unpaid wages and benefits … (Read More)

Release refugees as proof you want to help, govt told

Release refugees and asylum seekers in detention centres if it wants to prove it is serious about helping them. North-South Initiative executive director Adrian Pereira said he welcomed reports that Putrajaya is considering an agreement with UNHCR over its role ... (Read More)

Time to rehaul the migrant worker process

Malaysia is always in the headlines for the wrong reasons over migrant worker issues from how they are recruited, to how we treat them to and the middlemen involved. Adrian Pereira, Executive Director, North South Initiative gives us the hard honest truth .(Listen to BFM Podcast)

Our Services

Forced Labour Consultancy / Auditing Assessment

Our experts on supply chain consultancy have over 20 years of experience on forced labour issues within the ASEAN region, and beyond. 

Labour Cases & Human Trafficking

A team of competent migrant and refugee leaders  able to effectively document evidence of human rights and labour violations.

Community Development

Targeting the 5 major migrant communities – Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Myanmar & Nepali, in Malaysia. 

CBT Testing - Migrant Health

We provide HIV & STIs (Syphilis & Hep C*) screening; 100% FREE & anonymous Community-Based Testing.  


Through our research and analysis we are better able to understand community needs, and persuade those in power to make changes that will bring justice.

Emergency Shelter - One Stop Centre

There is a lack of Emergency Shelters available for male migrant workers and refugees. NSI established a Solidarity House that provides temporary, short-term stay in cases of urgency.

Just a Click away…


We welcome and appreciate Volunteers who are passionate about social justice! If you would like to get involved in NSIs community work, fill out the form below. 

Save A Life

 Many workers are in critical condition and unable to receive medical aid because healthcare is not subsidized for Migrant Workers. 

HIV / STI Test

100% Free, Safe and Anonymous HIV/STI community based screenings available. Click on the button and book an appointment with us today, all are welcome.

Chat with A Caseworker

Migrant workers can safely and confidentially seek support on topics related to their employment, recruitment, health & safety, and other matters related to their migration in Malaysia through our caseworkers, in 6 languages. 




IS THE NUMBER we want left behind

Migrate with SafeStep

SafeStep is created for Bangladeshis seeking safe, reliable overseas employment. The goal is to empower people relocating overseas for work with the necessary information and tools to ensure their recruitment and employment experience is safe, transparent and ethical. 

About Us

North South Initiative is a Malaysian based social justice, non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Our team of social mobilizers work to empower vulnerable communities in achieving sustainable developmental goals. 



Despite the fact that Malaysia sits on the UN Council of Human Rights, Refugees in Malaysia are denied the right to work and have no access to education. Access to sufficient healthcare is also limited, and at a high cost. Many refugees in Malaysia, particularly the Rohingya community, are stigmatized and face high levels of xenophobia by a large number of Malaysians.

Our Research Shows

In 2020 North South Initiative conducted a survey with 240 Migrant Workers in Malaysia to assess just how deeply COVID-19 had impacted their lives.


No Work and No Pay (Pakistani Community)


Salary less than RM1,200 (Across 5 Communities)


No access to Healthcare (Indonesian Community)


Please Help me get vaccinated