Case Worker (Pakistan)

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Migrant worker helpline, in Bahasa Indonesia, Myanmar, Tamil, Bengali, Nepali and English. 

Working Hours : 10am-6pm 

Monday – Friday


Can you help me pay for my hospital bills?

NSI can help with medical referrals, and our case workers can accompany you on your hospital visits on a case-by-case basis. 

My boss is not paying my salary

We can aid in negotiations with your employer and/or making a report against your employer if there is evidence of abuse. 

I need a place to stay. It’s an emergency.

We have a temporary shelter home for stays under 3 months. Contact us for more information. 

I want to get screened for HIV / STI

Book an appointment with us for free, confidential and safe community based testing. 

Someone I know was caught in an Immigration Raid

Contact one of our case workers for more information.

I’m being abused. 

If you need help getting out of a dangerous situation, first contact the police at 999. If you are unable to do so, contact us directly by calling 03-76635466 if possible, or drop us a message.


Help us Save A Life

Your contribution can go a long way in helping someone return safely to their home country, get emergency medical treatment, or save them from abuse. 

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