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Download the full list of NSI’s media coverage on Migration and Peoples On The Move over the last 3 years.

Asean Forum ON MigraNT Labour (AFML)

NSI is the local NGO that contributes to the AFML, a critical platform for addressing the challenges and promoting the welfare of migrant workers within the ASEAN region. 

Migrant Workers Health Research Network

With Management and Science University (MSU) we organize the annual Migrant Workers Health Congress.

Reports, Journals & Publications

International Organisation for Migration

Assessment of Causes and Contributing Factors to Migrant Workers Becoming Undocumented in Malaysia

•  2023 •

Forced labour, and rights violations, is an entrenched problem in Malaysia

Malaysia | International Organization for Migration (

A short hand book; The Advent Of Islam In The Southern Thailand - Dr Diptendu Sarkar (2024)

Dr Diptendu Sarkar has done his B.A. Honors in History & Bachelor of Education from University of Calcutta, India. He did his Masters in Islamic History & Culture and Political Science and also going to complete another Masters’ in Education. Completed M. Phil and PhD from the department of South and South East Asian Studies of  the University of Calcutta.

Press Releases

We call for a more inclusive and supportive environment for migrant workers and refugees in Malaysia

Rohingya Seeking Refuge, met with Detention, Mistreatment and Death

23 April 2022: The Migrant Workers Right to Redress Coalition is appalled by the series of incidents that occurred at the Sungai Bakap Temporary Detention Centre, Kedah on 20 April 2022. 528 Rohingya refugees out of 664 detainees, as was reported, included women and children, escaped from the detention centre using “their bare hands”.  


Impactful human rights submissions, advocating for justice and equality.

North South Initiative

Budget Proposal 2024 to Ministry of Finance

12 October  •  2023  •

Proposed Budget Allocation 2024 from NGO
NORTH SOUTH INITIATIVE (NSI) related to the non-citizen population.

Labour Solidarity and Learning Resources Association

Memorandum to Minister of Human Resources

15 July  •  2022  •

LLRC urges the government to focus on improving workers’ freedom of association

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Video coverage on Migration and Peoples On The Move by News Media, NSI, or our partners