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North-South Initiative (NSI) is a Malaysian-based civil society organization that aims to promote sustainable development in Malaysia and other developing countries. It was founded in 2011 by Adrian Pereira and Anne Beatrice Yacob as a Youth-Adult partnership initiative.

NSI works by facilitating partnerships between businesses, governments, and civil society organizations to develop innovative solutions for vulnerable communities through sustainable development challenges. We focus on issues such as access to justice for the marginalized (i.e. the Indigenous peoples, minority students, youths Living in conflict zones, migrant workers, refugees, small-scale farmers, and other disenfranchised minorities), access to healthcare and education, environmental sustainability, and economic development.

We also provide capacity-building programs to help organizations and individuals develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively tackle these challenges. We aim to build a network of individuals and organizations committed to sustainable development, both in Malaysia and internationally.

Overall, North South Initiative aims to create positive social and economic impact through sustainable development, by bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders to work towards a common goal.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to build a society that prioritizes social justice. Our mission; to empower marginalized communities in order to achieve sustainable development.” 



  •  Analyze the current political economy model and propose new sustainable systems 


  • Marginalized communities must have direct access to development planning and policy making.


  • Build cross-sector and interdisciplinary collaborative networks to ensure sustainable social justice.

“Our experts on supply chain consultancy have over 20 years of experience on forced labour issues within the ASEAN region, and beyond!” 

We assist supply chains and companies and brands to assess forced labour conditions and propose steps for remediation. When needed we do investigations and social audits. 

Meet The Team

Adrian Pereira

Adrian Pereira

Executive Director & Co-Founder


Adrian Pereira, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Adrian Pereira is a human rights activist and the co-founder of the human rights organization, North-South Initiative (NSI), based in Malaysia. He has been actively involved in advocating for human rights and social justice issues in Malaysia and internationally for over two decades.

He is known for his work on migrant worker rights, anti-trafficking, and the prevention of forced labor. He has also been involved in advocacy efforts on issues such as police reform, access to justice, freedom of expression, non-discrimination and counter terrorism. 


Anne Beatrice, Programmes Director & Co-Founder

As a Program Manager, Anne is responsible for managing and implementing NSI’s programs and projects, which aim to address issues such as access to healthcare and education, environmental sustainability, and economic development. She also works to develop partnerships with businesses, governments, and civil society organizations to promote sustainable development and build a network of individuals and organizations committed to social justice and human rights.

Anne’s work with NSI has been instrumental in advancing the organization’s mission and vision, and she has been actively involved in promoting social justice and human rights in Malaysia and internationally. 

Anne Beatrice

Anne Beatrice

Programmes Director & Co-Founder

Thana Seelan

Migrant Health Programme Coordinator

Rory Ong

EVT Project Manager

Politeia Kody

Research & Digital Advocacy

Annie Amirtha Raj

Operational Manager

Manishankar Prasad

Organisational Development Consultant

Steevan Sinniah

Outreach Executive

Sylvia Nirmala


Aaron Dinesh

Documentation & Analyst

Shan Vasanth

Case Manager


Forming strong partnerships is crucial to sustainability. We appreciate the relationships formed over the years with multiple universities, INGOs and intergovernmental agencies to produce critical analysis and policy interventions. Let’s continue building together.

Responsible Business Alliance

Pax Romana – IMCS


Caram Asia

Labour Solidarity and Learning Resources Association


NSI works with various Colleges & Universities in lending our expertise through lectures, research interviews, and data collection points. 

Together with Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia, we have developed a Migrant Workers Health Research Network to further study the impact of harsh working and living conditions on migrants. Together we organize the annual Migrant Workers Health Congress.  

We also currently have an MOU with the Prince of Songkla University, Patani for Cooperative Education Collaboration.

Prince of Songkla University

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Monash University

Management & Science University

Taylors University