Migrant Health Emergencies

The Migrant Health ResQ Team provides aid in emergency cases, related but not limited to, HIV/AIDS through our One-Stop Center

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Community based testing

Partnered with Jejaka, PKKUM and CHCC, the ResQ Team performs free CBT HIV/STI screenings for the community. Contact us if you would like to arrange for testing within your community.


When required, a ResQ Team-member  accompany’s the clients on their hospital visits to ensure a smooth process, and that healthcare options are understood by the client even if he or she cannot speak English or Bahasa.

continued HIV services in their home-country

The ResQ Team is piloting a project that ensures clients continue their treatment even in their home country, beginning in Indonesia, with 5 partner organisations.

 What is the ResQ Team?

The ResQ Team, powered by North South Initiative and in collaboration with CARAM Asia and the Robert Carr Fund, seeks to ensure that access to healthcare is made available to everyone in Malaysia. We aim to provide referrals and aid in emergency cases related, but not limited, to HIV/AIDS, through:

Comprehensive HIV Services for Migrants in Malaysia

Continuity in HIV Services for Migrants Returning to their Home Countries  


Why Migrant Workers are Vulnerable to HIV/STIs in Malaysia

Currently in Malaysia, if a Migrant Worker is found to be HIV positive, they will not be allowed to continue working in this Malaysia. This leads to workers leaving jobs, becoming undocumented, and feeling unsafe in getting testing or treatment.

Fighting Stigma & Discrimination

There is also deep stigma and discrimination towards sex, sexuality and HIV/STIs. The ResQ Team strives to counter this through regular HIV/STI awareness training within the migrant and refugee communites.

We are a One Stop Center

Our one stop center helps our clients in their journey from A-Z. We provide HIV/STI Awareness Training, Pre and Post Counselling for HIV/STI testing, explain their Treatment Options and ensure Accompanied Hospital Visits in cases of Emergency.

We also have a safe-space  for clients in need of food and shelter through our Temporary Shelter Home while they seek treatment and become stabilized.

Once our clients are virally supressed, and they are strong enough to lead normal lives and support themselves, they will be discharged. In cases where the client needs aid seeking employment, we also have partner organisations who can offer job opportunities.


RESQ NSI’s PLHIV Icon 2023

Meet Triani, and her loving partner Aufa. Together, they show us the strength of love, unity, and resilience in the face of any challenge. 

Triani’s journey is one of courage and resilience. She is a true inspiration, showing us that strength knows no borders. Her story is one of hope, faith…and love. 

Continuity in HIV Services in their Home Country for Indonesian Workers

Our pilot project to ensure the Continuity of HIV Services to our clients is up and running. Clients are handed over to our partner organisations, established and involved in working with Key Populations (MSM, Transgender, Sex Workers, & Drug Users) in Indonesia.   

PKBI JATIM (Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia) Jawa Timur


HIV Services •  Family Planning  •  Advocacy






Call : +085334102384


Yayasan Ekspresi Warna Surabaya (PERWAKOS)


 •  Transgender  •  

Call : 0858.5212.8349


Yayasan Mahameru


ODHA • People Living with HIV

Call : +085234038592

Yayasan Orbit


HIV Services  •  Sex Workers

Call :  (031) 99852284

Our Malaysian Partners

Our invaluable partners help us provide quality services to vulnerable communities

Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Malaysia


Human Rights • Sex Workers

Call : +60 16-684 3822

Community Healthcare Clinic – Kuala Lumpur


 •  HIV Services   

Call : +60 34051 3611
Whatsapp: +60 11 2143 4572

Jejaka Health


CBT Testing  •  Malaysia  •

Twitter : jejakaorg

The ResQ Team gives Comprehensive Aid

Our case-workers and community leaders are well trained in handling Migrant Emergencies and work with relevant actors to resolve complications in;-


We help in Strategic Litigation as well as Wage Disputes.



We are ready to remove Migrant Workers from situations of abuse. 



We work with relevant parties to resolve high medical costs, and provide medical referrals. 

“NSI’s ResQ Team helped me through it all, from helping me get my passport, to flying back home, contacting my family and giving me moral support. I wouldn’t be here safe, if it weren’t for the ResQ Team. I hope I can help others now, the way NSI helped me.”